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3.5"w x 4" h

porcelain and white gold luster


Wishing upon a star.


I drink alot of tea.  This cup is the perfect size for a warm cup of tea.  It's a bit thicker to retain the heat.  There are also many things for your fingers to explore as you cup your hands around it.  Using this cup for coffee and cold beverages is also highly recommended.


Each porcelain piece is unique and made by hand. I start each piece of the potter’s wheel. I then embellish my work with layers of underglazes, glazes, hand drawn illustrations and sometimes decal images. Together, these elements tell a small story about my observations, thoughts and/or experiences about life as a human.



This cup is food, microwave and dishwasher safe.  Trust me.  We use my cups on a daily basis and while they are well loved, they are definitely not treated with kid gloves.  

Grace #15

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